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What our dancers / members say about us!

From Jamie


​My thoughts about learning to dance before coming to a modern jive class was I've always been very apprehensive and nervous about contemplating taking dance lessons; it's never really been "my thing"; I'd always felt clumsy and inept on a dance floor.


My reservations was that I was worried about footwork, since I have two left feet and no sense of rhythm. I was also expecting it to be a bit 1950's - Rock'n'Roll too.

At Ginger Jive it's very friendly and relaxed. Everyone' is very sociable and enjoying themselves. The lessons are nicely structured and well taught, to your own ability and pace. It turns out that footwork isn't a worry and the music is really great, from classic tracks to current chart hits. Not at all what I'd expected!


The best result I have got so far is that I'm so much more confident about dancing generally. I really enjoy and look forward to going to Ginger Jive every week; something I never expected would happen until I gave it a try! I also find it incredibly therapeutic: No matter how tired I am before a Ginger Jive evening, I find once I'm there and on the floor, any worries just disappear and as the evening goes on, I feel more and more relaxed!


Honestly, I can't recommend it enough; give it a try - you'll love it!

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