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Free Videos of Modern Jive Classes, Courses & Routines
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Welcome to our FREE on-line learning library.
Below you will find a quick link to each dance level or alternatively just continue to scroll down this page to find the level you require. 

These free videos are taken from our Ginger Jive YouTube Channel. To ensure you don't miss out on new moves & routines as soon as they are released, please Subscribe to our channel. It's free to do so and it's helps us to build our channel for a one-stop-shop for everything to do with Modern Jive.

Before undertaking any of the classes please make sure you read the following saftey disclaimer.

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Class Memory Joggers

These "Memory Joggers" are a weekly reminder of the moves that we taught in Thatcham, Burghfield & Newbury. 

Please note that these videos are for those who attended the classes and not intended for people to learn these modern jive moves from scratch.