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Free Modern Jive Videos now available online

We now currently have a selection of free videos at different Modern Jive Levels from Beginners / Improvers to Intermediate and Advanced that you can now learn and practice on the go..

Are You Thinking about starting a Modern Jive dance class….?

Is this you?...  You’ve seen “Strictly” (or something similar) on the TV or friends at a party and realised that dancing is something that you would like to learn.  It maybe a new hobby that you want to start on your own or something new with that special person in your life.

You like listening to music and just want to be able to dance at social events feeling comfortable and confident in what you are doing.

Is this the reason you haven't tried:-

  •   Don’t have a partner (or your partner does not share the same interest)

  •   Feel too self conscious or nervous

  •   Worried that you may make a fool of yourself

  •   Could not commit to a set course - too busy, do not have the time so never got around to it

  •   Feel a bit shy or uncomfortable about going somewhere new on your own

  •   Thought it will take weeks or months to learn - when you want to be able to dance NOW

  •   Feel that you may be too old to learn to dance.

If this sounds like you, then…….

What you need right now is a dance that’s easy to learn without any complicated footwork therefore building your confidence with the knowledge that there are no wrong steps, thus making you feel comfortable on the dance floor.

There’s no need to bring a partner as our teaching methods ensures that everybody joins in with the class and our method will also help you to pick up the moves in a shorter space of time.

Our classes are taught in a friendly, relaxed, sociable atmosphere at a number of different levels and with our unique style of teaching we guarantee to have you dancing (even if you’ve never danced before) from your very first class. If you can stay for the whole session you will be amazed at how quickly and confidently you will be able to pick up the different moves making you the envy of your friends.

There’s no need to book for our regular class night, as our classes run 50 weeks of the year so beginners can start at any time. It is not run as a set course so if you miss the odd week (holidays etc) you don’t miss any thing of importance.

Dancing is also recognised form of exercise with these additional health benefits:-


  •         Great for fitness whatever your age

  •         Relaxing and reduces stress

  •         Helps posture and improves balance and flexibility

  •         Also improves strength, circulation and stamina

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Kerrin & Luci


After starting in the early 90’s teaching and running modern jive events, we have taught thousands of people to dance and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute!
Kerrin & Luci with Shaddow.png
Laura & Gemma.JPG


“Honestly, I can't
recommend it
give it a try - you'll love it!”

My thoughts about learning to dance before coming to a modern jive class was I've always been very apprehensive and nervous about contemplating taking dance lessons; it's never really been "my thing." I've always felt clumsy and inept on a dance floor. My reservations was that I was
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“The best result I
have got so far is
confidence and

I always wanted to dance but never did it as a child so thought it would be impossible to pick up as I wasn't particularly fit or supple. I went along with my sister one night and got hooked. Didn’t need a dance partner, didn’t really need rhythm and didn’t matter that I had two left feet! I felt like a 'dancer' after the first night.
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“After going out
dancing, you feel
energised, alive,
happier, and more
able to face the world”.  

I spent a couple of years trying to pluck up the nerve to try a dance class, before I finally took the plunge. I had always been very self-conscious about dancing, and was convinced that I was a no-hoper. Then, one day, I decided to go for it. I had heard that modern jive was one of the easiest to learn, so decided that was the one for me.

I was completely out of my comfort zone, but everyone was so friendly and helpful, which really made a difference. After a few classes, I started to feel exhilarated. “I’m doing it, and it really is easy”, I thought. 
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A nostalgic video to look back at 25 years of dancing at the Catholic Hall in Thatcham. Great memories, fabulous friends and a lovely reminder of some amazing dancing friends who sadly are no longer with us.

Celebrating 25 years
at the Catholic Hall
1996 - 2021

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